Personalized Feedback for CaRMS and Beyond

Get constructive feedback on how to demonstrate CANMEDS for medical school CVs, personal statements and interviews from an experienced Canadian coach.

Are you looking for personalized feedback for CaRMS or medical residency in Canada? Be a match. Get constructive feedback so you can demonstrate CanMEDS with help from an experienced coach!

There are only 17 medical schools in Canada,

yet thousands of medical graduates and internationally

trained physicians are vying for a handful of spots

across the country. It's not competitive.

It's something fierce!

Maria Margaritis, MEd.

Welcome to my virtual world!  As an educational coach, I provide guidance to steer you in the right direction.  We use your own knowledge and experience in the context of your personal circumstances.  I will work with you to help you figure out what you need to focus on to achieve your goals.  My process is collaborative, which makes your experience richer and leads to better success because it is aligned with your personal history, needs, strengths, and preferences.  Client-centred strategies save time and have long lasting results.

Results that last

You’ve sacrificed most of your life for this.  Don’t hurt your chances by trying to be somebody else.  Do not dim your light!

Be Supported

Ask questions in the community for personalized feedback.

Be Authentic

Learn how to highlight your unique experience through the lens of CanMEDS.

Be Confident

Understand expectations and know what to say rather than guess.

What my clients are saying:

Your Story Matters

The main thing that distinguishes you from your competition is your personal story.  So, don’t copy what someone else is doing!  I often see the same story scenarios supported by generic details.  If I have seen this story before, you best believe the selection committee has, too.  You’ll get swept into the herd and lose yourself along the way — and that is just tragic.

The most common statement you will hear from a panel is “Be Authentic.”  I’ve helped candidates match to their favourite programs by helping them explain their personal experiences in a way that makes them meaningful and memorable to the selection committee.  Remember, being authentic doesn’t mean just your personal letter.

Your entire portfolio tells a story — and it needs to be consistent to be believable.

I get to know my clients, their goals and thoroughly research the programs they are applying for.  I listen to their stories, ask targeted questions about their experiences and then we tie it all together to make their personal story not just authentic, but a bestseller!

At the end of the process my clients feel confident because they understand which of their experiences demonstrate CanMEDS and how to talk about them to match with their favourite residency program.

Here are some "Thank You" notes from clients who were just as frustrated as you are:

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all of the positive feedback,
but I also recognize that there is always room for growth.

I am continuously updating my knowledge through professional development
to learn new ways to meet the needs of diverse candidates who intend to work in Canada. 
I am truly grateful for the fact that my clients feel comfortable enough to be honest with me about what I can do better.

Personalized Feedback for CaRMS and Beyond. Be a match. Get online constructive feedback demonstrating CANMEDS. Get help from an experienced coach!

Here are the top three barriers from the Quality and Performance Survey I conducted
to identify the specific limitations clients had trying to access my services:

Schedules and different time zones make it
challenging to book a session.

Income varies each month which affects
timelines and increases stress.

Sessions get booked fast and I can't find
a slot before the deadline.

The reality is that I cannot be everywhere for everyone.

So I designed a membership HUB for you to get support when it’s convenient for you!


Join to get feedback, practice and support on your CV, personal statements, letters, and interview skills for medical schools and the Canadian Residency Match System (CaRMS).  On-demand courses, live webinars, group sessions, and e-book downloads.  For IMG, CSA, CMG, and ITPs who aspire to practice medicine in Canada.


Our community is a support system where you can get help with applications, tests, emotional encouragement, and inspiration.  You can also win prizes!  The connections that come with being in our community are meant to provide support throughout your journey to licensure in Canada and beyond.

The HUB.

The HUB includes the membership learning tools and the community space for peer support and networking.  More details about the HUB will only be shared with individuals on the guest list, so don’t wait until the deadline.  Sign up NOW!


I can provide weekly group sessions, answer questions directly in the community spaces, and include on-demand courses with PDF downloads to help you work at your own pace on your timeline, wherever you are located.  You’ll also get exclusive discounts on personalized coaching sessions.

Weekly Group Sessions

Community Spaces by Topic

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PDF Downloads

Workshops - Webinars

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Payment Options

And More . . .

Because membership features evolve with you!

The new virtual membership is convenient, helps you save time, money and get support in a
private community, no matter where you are on your journey to licensure.

I am not here to be your "sage on the stage".

I am here to be your "guide on the side".

. . . because







Maria's Coaching & Physician Wellness Blogs

Tips and strategies to demonstrate CanMEDS competencies.

Personalized Feedback for CaRMS and Beyond. Be a match. Get constructive feedback demonstrating CANMEDS. Get help from an experienced coach!

mariA. think outside the box MED.ucation is a virtual social enterprise located in Ontario, Canada and acknowledges Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island which includes Inuit, Métis and First Nations communities; living in cities and towns across these lands.

We recognize the right to self-determination of Indigenous Peoples as vital to protect their traditions, and their social, cultural, economic, and political characteristics that are distinct from those of dominant governments.  Indigenous Peoples are critical to sustaining the diversity of life on earth. (Recio & Hestad, 2022)

“Anti-Indigenous racism has been embedded in our healthcare systems for far too long.  First Nations, Inuit and Métis have the right to be served by a first class healthcare system without fear of discrimination or maltreatment, no matter where they live.  We must all continue to stand up and speak against the racism and discrimination faced by Indigenous Peoples across the country.” (The Honorable Marc Miller – Minister of Indigenous Services)

Learn more about Joyce’s Principle and what the Government is doing about it here.

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