English Medical Communication Courses for IMGs in Canada

Master English medical communication skills for licensing exams in Canada

Choose convenient on-demand courses to boost your English communication for Canadian healthcare jobs

Get access to English language courses that are easy to understand but challenge your current skills

English courses in medical communication are not always available or accessible for IMGs in Canada.
Patient-centred communication is an important part of effective healthcare in Canada and is assessed on exams.

These courses are designed for busy newcomer medical trainees studying and working in the Canadian healthcare system. All courses are offered in digital format and include downloads and videos that can be accessed with either a computer, tablet or mobile phone.  

Courses focus on English language skills used for medical communication during doctor-patient conversations in the context of Canadian culture. My courses DO NOT teach or explain medical terms, procedures, or how to conduct your medical practice. Instead of teaching you WHAT to say, my courses teach you HOW to say it. 

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International Medical Graduates


If you can check off any of these points, these courses are designed for you!

You will learn

English Courses
for Medical Communication

Surviving The SOOs

A self-paced introductory course for IMGs (International Medical Graduates) taking the Simulated Office Oral Exams (SOOs) for Family Medicine in Canada.

Black Female Doctor promoting Physician professionalism in Canada

CanMEDS Series: My Role As...

If you are preparing your application for CaRMS or getting ready for residency interviews in Canada, this series is for you. Courses are designed to help you see your skills and experience through the lens of the CanMEDS Framework. The CanMEDS series was created to help you organize your expertise, so that you can tell your unique story and showcase your potential as a successful doctor in Canada.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Start for FREE! This mini-course invites you into my virtual classroom. Become familiar with learning online and get a feel for my teaching style. You have nothing to lose! The content covered in this course includes: grammar, how the use of grammar can demonstrate respect towards others, active listening techniques, the difference between paraphrasing versus summarizing, and how to use them effectively to understand your patient's illness experience.

Self-Care and Resilience

Coming Soon!

Taxi Driver Approach

The Taxi Driver Approach to Patient-Centred Care

This mini-course will present the basics of exploring a patient illness experience with a twist! The approach is based on my signature style, facilitating learning and well-being through creative visualization, storytelling and humour.

understanding medical communication in English

Research Skills

Coming Soon!


Most frequently asked questions

On demand learning means you can access the courses at anytime from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection and digital device. The courses are pre-recorded, so you can watch them when it’s convenient for your schedule, pause when you need a break, or re-watch as needed. Your progress and quiz results are in real-time, so you’ll be able to monitor your performance automatically.

Most, but not all. For desktop you can use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge. For mobile devices use iOS Safari 11 & up, Google Chrome, or Samsung Internet. The courses are NOT supported (i.e. they won’t work) by Internet Explorer.

No. Courses are designed to help you focus on language and your communicative approach, not the exam content or structure. The objective in these courses is to help you understand and express yourself effectively within the context of Canadian culture and healthcare systems. However, improving your communication skills can certainly enhance your performance on oral exams and in residency interviews. 

No. I created these courses based on my experience teaching IMGs in Canada who were struggling with Canadian culture and learning experiences in residency programs. The personal accounts of my students is supported by research investigating IMG experiences in Canada. 

This is so you can self-enrol in the courses you are interested in. As a user you can view your progress and quiz results, learn from and contribute to private online discussions (visible to enrolled students only). You can also earn a downloadable completion certificate and automatically qualify as a subscribed community member so you will be the first to know about new courses, events, contests or giveaways! 

We respect your privacy. Personal information is only used for the expressed purpose for which it was collected, unless you voluntarily agree for it to be used for additional purposes. Personal information is not shared with any third party. Data collected in the courses is used by mariA. think outside the box MED.ucation to improve courses and develop future educational offerings.

Some courses and course materials may contain links to other websites. Users are subject to the privacy and security policies of those sites. Please read the privacy policy and terms for more details.

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